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COMPANY INITIATIVES: Reliable Realty DR believes in giving back to the community and actively sponsors three initiatives:

  1. EDUCATION: Reliable Realty participates in various Fundraising efforts for local schools – We believe good and continued education is the best resolution to many social concerns we see daily. Many of our clients bring nice used children’s clothing, and school supplies, others participate in local clean-up programs, some leave or send donations, All donations we receive are either delivered personally by us, or donated to organizations we are affiliated with who visit schools on a regular basis through tours (like Outback Safari).  Slideshow coming soon…

    PLEASE NOTE:  Direct Cash Donations.  If you are coming to visit, remember giving schools supplies is the best advise … Although it may seem like you are helping by giving children money, please do not give cash directly to the children, or others soliciting children.  Giving money is causing more harm than good… This money rarely goes to the children or their education, and it only promotes begging and an easy income so they do not have to go to school or understand the meaning of an honest days living… instead direct cash only encourages them to beg from tourist and live on the streets.  Some exceptions are if the child is offering a legitimate product or healthy service, but in some cases, the funds they make here are also questionable as to whom really benefits.   Our children are not hungry in the tourist zone of Punta Cana… Most wear decent clothing too…but they do indeed lack in education, which we all know is the key to finding better jobs, building confidence, self-reliance and good work ethics, resulting in a better and more mutual employee/ employer appreciation and the satisfaction of contributing to a better society through an honest profession.

  2. DOG RESCUE – Our agency collaborates with “Rescatame” a locally owned non-profit organization here in Punta Cana. Currently Rescatame primarily provides shelter, and with the help of warm veterinarians here offering their services at a fraction of the cost.  Donations received go towards spaying/ neutering, vaccinations and even pet adoption programs. Reliable Realty passes our clients donations of money, collars/ leashes, dog food, and other needs directly to Rescatame. In May of 2014, Rescatame collaborated with numerous volunteer veterinarians here and around the world, many flew to the DR and actively treat over 1,500 dogs throughout the country.  One of Rescatame’s goals is to collect enough funds to open a much needed refuge center in Punta Cana. Despite the impressive growth and modernization projects over the past 6 years, Punta Cana still lacks in providing an official dog refuge center!

  3. TRASH CLEAN UP & RECYCLING: Currently Reliable Realty is working on public awareness efforts and has provided numerous signs over outdoor garbage cans. Our efforts have received attention, and in mid 2012 the local municipality followed our example by providing numerous and permanent trash cans throughout the Bavaro/ Cortecito and Friusa areas. In 2013, we hope to host at least two “Awareness Events” by combining our growing number of caring owners and repeat vacationers with local school aged children. Our first events are geared toward organizing field trips to selected problematic areas, providing beach fun, food and entertainment after the events. We hope by example, the next generation of children will understand the importance of having a clean environment.



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Note: If you are sending a cash Donation, Reliable Realty will match 50% (up to $100.00 per donation).  Receipts will be provided.  Donations can be collected via PayPal or If you are living in the DR, can be made through a direct bank deposit (please request).  If you are planning a visit, donations in cash or U.S. checks are welcome in person (at our office), or information can be provided on how to donate or participate directly to the organizations we sponsor.
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