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Welcome to our newest video and descriptive informational page.  We hope these visual, audio and descriptive tools will better help in your research and understanding of our primary selling and vacation rental “beach-town areas”.  We believe the nearby amenities offered as well as the lifestyle you can expect, are just as important as selecting the perfect property to purchase or to rent.  The top 5 neighborhoods we represent are called; El Cortecito, Los Corales, Cocotal Residential Golf and Beach, as well as White Sands (WS) and Punta Cana Resort and Village (PCV&R). NOTE:  The White Sands and Punta Cana Village & Resort videos and details later.

Many folks considering property investments in the Dominican Republic often ask about the best areas to purchase.  The Fun and Safe Neighborhoods that are located a short walk to the beaches, dining and shopping, yet not too noisy or congested.  We understand not everyone has the same “ideal location criteria’s”, however, we do find that 85% of our, primarily North American clients, prefer to vacation, rent, and purchase properties within these beach-town areas (or neighborhoods) we primarily service.  The following short videos will provide a visual idea of these amazing neighborhoods and amenities.

COMING SOON TO THIS PAGE!  Will be more current and historical information about these booming real estate and vacation rental destinations, as well as more photos, description, helpful navigational and contact information for numerous businesses, restaurants and other hot spots to visit.   In essence a visual “Yellow Page Directory."

For now, we also encourage you to listen to the IREL Podcast, an international real estate show designed for smart investors.  This fun and informative podcast will provide the most current and “real” status of the real estate/ rental market in Bavaro (especially El Cortecito and Los Corales beach-town neighborhoods).  A definite “must listen to” guide!  Maria (the Broker) and Reliable Realty were honored to be selected to represent the fast-growing tourist zone of Punta Cana / Bavaro.  (55 minutes)