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Since Reliable Realty’s arrival in 2008 to the East Coast of the Dominican Republic, they have been strong “Influencers and Advocates” molding, through real estate sales, consulting, international exposure, and active participation within our communities one of the safest, most vibrant beach-town areas in the Caribbean… and perhaps the world! 
Reliable Realty did not seek out self-promotion… rather it came to us.  A breath of fresh air for advertisers and especially investors looking for THE TRUTH!

“Taming the Wild, Wild East” since 2008 has not an easy endeavor.   Like any Pioneer, much was sacrificed in the development of this area, but also in developing one of the most influential and ethical agencies in the Dominican Republic.


2009- HomeAway, perhaps the largest International Vacation Rental platforms (Superbowl advertisers) came to us looking for an ethical property management/ vacation rental company they could confidently promote Punta Cana (Bavaro) rentals.

2010 - Our first exposure on HouseHunter International, and Initiation of the first navigational guides in the area (formally called Punta Cana Insider Tips) and later in 2013 called PUNTA CANA REVEALED. A 121 page book (sold out at this time and waiting for revision 11).

2011- Featured in Living Abroad Magazine, TripAdvisor launch their Vacation Rental program, and like HomeAway, reached out to us in promoting our exceptional vacation rental properties.

2012- Featured in the Edmonton Journal (Canada)

2013- International Real Estate Listings (IREL)- Podcast 55 minute interview. IREL approached Reliable Realty also looking to promote the Punta Cana area, but were challenged in finding seasoned, reputable and English speaking agencies in the area.

2014- PUNTA CANA REVEALED (book written by Maria Williams- Broker) sold out! (no time to keep up)!

2015-2016 -  Our first 2 episode on HGTV Caribbean Life

2017 2018 Our next 2-4 episodes of HGTV with more shows contracted with our agency.

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Reliable Realty not only knows the East Coast (Punta Cana, Bavaro) areas like the back of our hands, but we are also familiar and emerging into the mountainous and mountain ocean areas… Virgin territory.  We know what investments will work, and what won’t.  What areas (raw land) to buy now…. Or buy later.  We know the developers/ builders, and even the best directions of the rapid sprawl.  So why waste valuable time and money trying to figure this out on your own… and without the understanding of how the culture works.

Because we are well established, we know just about everyone here (shakers and movers) and they know and respect us as well. 

If you are an investor with $1 million or more to invest, and want the assistance of an ethical and hard-working agency that knows the area and the key people well, we look forward to assisting you personally.

The following are what we will require from you:

  1. Retainer (amount varies by your needs, and our services required).  This retainer may be refunded or applied to your successful purchase.
  2. NDNCA – A Non-Circumvent, Non-Disclosure Agreement (with all the prinicpals and company names please)
  3. Client Registration Form Completed

What you will get in return from us will be PRICELESS!

… and we will first contact you by phone.

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Additional Comments

COMMITMENT AND LOYALTY STATEMENT:  Reliable Realty is considered one of the best and most ethical FULL SERVICE Real Estate/Property Management agencies located in the East Coast of the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana/ Bavaro areas).  This achievement did not come without several years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice; We work very hard and closely with our loyal and pre-qualified clients before, during and long after their purchases.  Many of our valued clients are now purchasing other properties through us.  We have achieved numerous positive international publicity, testimonials, and referrals.  Trying to save a buck by buying on your own in the DR, or through unregistered agencies or free-lance agents is not recommended.  We are a very busy agency, providing some of the best titled property options, and because of this, we  prefer to provide our most personable staff, time attention, knowledge and full services to those clients who have equally expressed their loyalty to us.  Thank you for your consideration in working with our agency, and your understanding in our “Loyal Client Policy”.