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What is Project Management?

As the demand for more affordable vacations grow, so has the market for vacation rentals. This has created an explosive boom in our lush, yet laid back beach-town areas, full of life, with numerous vacationers, locals, and expats from all over the world.

So, you bought into this amazing market? Congrats! Now what?

Most new owners have planned their expenses accordingly prior to a purchase.  However, later… many are now faced with the problem and headache of piecing it all together; especially foreign investors who still live full or part-time overseas and/ or who speak little or no Spanish.

So, WHAT exactly is this missing link that is so important to our clients?

We are sure many of you have heard this term before, or maybe have seen it used in other markets, but what is Project Management in real estate?

This is an art and skill that takes knowledge and experience of the more laid-back working culture here. Hence the need for a strong and trustworthy connection with a knowledgeable, well-established, well-staffed and well-funded agency to manage all the hundreds of coordinated details, with attention to quality, within a set time frame with budget considerations.  Not an easy endeavor in any Caribbean destination.  Foreigners attempting to do this on their own, and from afar, without an understanding of this culture, and lacking Spanish, can find the results a huge, frustrating financial headache.

So, what is the Difference between PROJECT MANAGEMENT and Property Management?

Project Management follows the Sales process and ready to receive the torch once the transaction is completed.  It is the cross over, or transition, from the purchase of a property (Sales) to the entry into our Property Management/ Vacation Rental Program.  Project Management is the link, or liaison between the owner’s desires for their property.  For new construction, this is the communication with the developers, architects, and engineers… and once completed, (or for resale purchases), a Project Manager secures and oversees the services needed with the various home improvement contractors.  Project Management is vital in assuring a seamless transitional process.

Project Manager steps in and out of the Property Management side of the business, for those properties going into our short-term vacation rental program. A Project Manager assures the entire team is well informed on all the specific requests and needs for each of our owner clients.  Project Management is the opportunity to get to know our clients likes and dislikes and of course, their budget; with the goal of a smooth transition.

Whether a tenured investor, or for those making their first dream investment for future retirement, we at RELIABLE REALTY SRL are your personal liaison…. your eyes and ears in your absence (if you live abroad) to completing all the details, that need to be done, in getting your property in the absolute best possible shape, and/or ready for the high demand vacation rental market.  Or, if you are thinking of selling your property, Project Management assistance helps in getting top dollar for your property, especially in this highly competitive New Construction market.

Don’t all Real Estate Agencies, or Property Management companies there offer the same services? 
Not really.  Many Real Estate Agencies are only focused on sales and find these added services can be time consuming and nerve racking.  Therefore, they may just refer you to someone they know, or heard may do some of these services.  Often these referrals are not English Speaking, and are limited in there abilities. 

For those leveraging their investment as a vacation rental, some agencies that have in-house  Property Managers can assist in the furnishings, securing contracts for electrical and cable/internet, and may perhaps assist in some accessorizing the property, and perhaps small repairs; however, a Project Manager does this and goes much further; i.e. the initial inspection, securing insurance, minor and major repairs, remodeling, renovations, carpentry work, customization, decorating, painting, accessorizing, installation and so much more!  Maybe you know exactly how you want it done but need the assurance that the provider is even qualified, trustworthy, and experienced.  The need for the 2nd eyes, or physical supervision to assure the job is done correctly, on-time, within your budget is crucial… Whereas, with a Project Manager (or supervisor) who speaks, reads and writes perfect English and Spanish, and who understands the Caribbean challenges, and the higher standards you are accustom to, these headaches are eliminated. 

A Project Manager is more personable and will include you and your decisions throughout the entire process (via photos, emails, phone calls, etc.) and keep you informed from afar every step of the way; in all stages (pre-construction, under construction, and completed construction…. whether new or a resale.
This is a powerful asset when investing in a foreign country; where many foreign owners might not know where to turn for these arrays of services.   Reliable Realty is the only FULL-SERVICE agency we are aware of, that offers all that an investor/ buyer/ owner could ever need, and with a keen eye and understanding of North American expectations.

Reliable Realty SRL has always offered Project Management but due to the high demand, we have grown this division into its own busy and thriving department.

It is all in the care. From something as simple as a fresh coat of paint, to something as complex as a complete bathroom or kitchen renovation, our Project Management team is here to assist you.
We at Reliable Realty SRL assist you long after the sale and make sure your investment is safe, all while receiving the absolute best service and assistance that doesn't shock your wallet!  Our Project Management team is well experienced and one of a kind.  Our assistance can be as much, or as little as you desire and you can rest assured, you’re in the best hands.

If you are not already a valued client of Reliable Realty, and do decide to work with our Sales department (buying or selling a home) or our Property Management / Vacation Rental Booking division, rest assured…  Reliable Realty SRL understands your standards and goals for your property, because we are also in the business of securing or retaining the highest resale values.

If you own an income property, we are also in the business of achieving the highest income potential.  So in essence, this means YOUR GOALS ARE OUR GOALS.  thus, the reason our NEW PROJECT MANAGEMENT LINK between the Sales and Property Management (Rental) departments, just makes perfect sense!


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