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As more and more expat families are relocating to areas in the Dominican Republic, (primarily the Beach-town neighborhoods of Bavaro and Punta Cana), the need for quality, affordable and accredited schools have grown significantly since 2011. Fortunately, there are now more options.

The best education is offered through private schools, which do have a cost, that, of course, must be factored in your relocation plans. Although the overall cost of living in the East Coast can be higher than other areas of the Dominican Republic, these accumulated costs are still 25% - 35% less than the overall living costs in the U.S. and Canada, with even lower total cost of living averages for various European countries.

Class sizes are, on an average, less than class sizes in North America, allowing students to have more one-on-one attention with qualified teachers. Since the East Coast attracts foreigners from all over the world, many who come for the various tourism opportunities, one of the greatest benefits of education in the Punta Cana / Bavaro area, is the opportunity for children to naturally learn other cultures and languages, simply through daily interactions and friendships, Often upon graduation, children attending schools here, have already learned a minimum of 2-4 additional languages, Children become more diverse and are better able to acclimate and to view the world in a much deeper and broader sense. We often say, our Punta Cana/ Bavaro students are being prepped for our future international Ambassadors, with the ability to view the world as its whole, rather than segmented with instilled prejudices.

Home Schooling is another option several families are also considering, with approved and accredited curriculums available online.

List of our local expat’s top considerations:


Punta Cana International School
Punta Cana International School caters to both international and domestic students and offers an international curriculum across a wide range of studies. A relaxed atmosphere, with smaller class sizes. The Faculty includes teachers from the Dominican Republic, The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Chile, to name a few. Punta Cana International School is accredited by The Dominican Board of Education, with two additional educational agencies accreditations; The New England Association of Schools and Colleges and The Council of International Schools. These 2 agencies are recognized institutions known for their high standards of excellence in international education and accreditation. The school offers a rigorous bilingual curriculum from grades Pre-School to 12th.

Cap Cana Heritage School (CCHS)
One of the first accredited schools Established in 2007, Cap Cana Heritage School (CCHS) was founded with the mission to provide a holistic, research- based education that promotes lifelong learning, critical thinking skills, leadership, wisdom and integrity. In 2011, CCHS received accreditation with US-based AdvancEd/SACS-CASI.

CCHS consists of a preschool program (ages 1-5), an elementary program (grades 1-5), and middle/high school program (grades 6-12). The School community is culturally and internationally diverse, with small classes (average: 21 students) and a student-teacher ratio of 8:1.

Bávaro Bilingual (BBS)
Bávaro Bilingual School (BBS) offers nationwide accreditation academic courses in a bilingual curriculum, in both Spanish and English. The curriculum focuses on Science, Music and Art, as well as an impressive Reading and Writing program. Emphasis is also placed on Sports, specific to the teaching an importance of teamwork, respect and responsibility. BBS offers classes for all ages, from Day Care, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

El Arca de Noé (Noah's Ark) – Founded in 2005, “Noah’s Ark” was one of the first kindergarten and elementary schools in Bavaro, with a solid and influential standing within the community. The school is known for its achievements in multicultural education; offering 11 hour days 6 days a week, an important service for parents seeking a school with extended hours while working tourism related jobs with longer daily hours and work weeks... in essence, “a second home” for their children, where the same loving care and family values are present. Children attending Noah’s Ark, love the school, teachers, and active curriculum so much, they often do not want to go home. Noah’s Ark has expanded to now include daycare services, with early stimulation education, for children from birth to age 2. A unique and much needed concept for Bavaro.

The school provides safe and secure installations, video-surveillance and most importantly, enjoyable educational experiences. Classes are taught in Spanish and English, which is vital for a strong educational base for entry/ acceptance into other schools, within the country and abroad. Open Monday to Saturday, 7.45 am to 7 pm.

“In our experience, living in a place where residents come and go from different countries, we have learned to deal with cultural differences such as language, and eating habits... helping and supporting all the families that have come to live in Bavaro, so their children don't suffer from shifting countries or routines,” explains the founder of Arca de Noé Mrs. Christiana Staempfli.

UNIVERSITY (COLLEGE)- Cap Cana and Santo Domingo

Universidad IberoAmericana (UNIBE) – Cap Cana
Founded in 1982, UNIBE offers 2 primary locations. The largest in the capital of Santo Domingo, and the 2nd primary university located in Cap Cana. UNiBE is fully accredited by the government of the Dominican Republic (Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology), the Universidad IberoAmericana
(UNIBE) offers a diverse range of courses, and is well-known in the Dominican Republic for its innovative and avant-garde approach to education. The Cap Cana University currently offers nine Bachelor’s degrees, including Architecture, Advertising, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Marketing, Business Administration, Psychology, Law, and Early Childhood Education.

Universidad IberoAmericana (UNIBE) – School of Medicine – Santo Domingo
As the Dominican Republic is recognized as having the most advanced and modern medical care facilities in the Caribbean, so has the need for highly skilled medical staff grown. UNIBE School of Medicine has always distinguished itself because of its adherence to new paradigms in the learning models applied to medical education. Our program has undergone many innovative changes in order to integrate basic and clinical sciences, incorporate learner-centered teaching methods, and foster the development of students’ skills through the use of standardized patients and simulation.

UNIBE’s academic program has the purpose to educate physicians who respond to national and international requirements; who are committed to offer quality attention and to act efficiently and compassionately in a variety of medical care settings, with an emphasis on primary care.

In addition to UNIBE School of Medicine, the University offers 15
undergraduate programs and over 30 graduate programs in different areas,
including law, engineering, education, arts, business, and health sciences.


Centro de Estimulación Temprana & Preescolar "Little Ones"
Avenida Barcelo Km 51/2, Bavaro
Tel: (809) 455-3799

Centro Educativo 2nd Mile
Calle Los Tainos, Friusa
Tel. 809-552-1847

Colegio Calasanz Pueblo Bavaro
C/128, Manzana 74B, Pueblo Bavaro
Tel: (809) 455-1559

Colegio Caritas Felices
Villa Europa, Veron Residencial Regla Maria 1
Tel: (829) 414-1106

Dominico Cambridge School
Av. Estados Unidos, Bavaro
Tel: (809) 552-1075

El Arca de Noe (Noah’s Ark)see above for more details
Ave. Alemania, Cortecito
Tel: (809) 552-0806