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A legal, incorporated, and registered agency since 2008. Providing one-stop premium services in Real Estate Sales, Project Management, Property Management, Vacation Rentals & Booking Services, VIP Owner, and Guest Services, Consulting, Relocation, and Expat Services.


It’s important to compare Real Estate Agencies here. Especially now, with several new emerging agencies taking a stab at our vibrant real estate market. Purchasers should have full confidence in the agency they select, so their property purchase will be processed accurately and legally, resulting in a fully executed real estate transaction, so the property title can be seamlessly transferred over to your name.

Maria Williams

Broker- Co-Owner/ Licensed Realtor /Consultant

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Todd Williams

Property Manager/ Co-Owner/ Bookkeeper


Property Management & Sales

Hello Maria: We just want to thank you again for handling the sale of our condo in such a professional manner! Every detail seemed to go smoothly and quickly without any snags or holdups. And of course, God was behind the whole thing making it go so smoothly. I'm sure you have... read more

Real Estate & Assessment Tours

Monica and Jose Manuel Sousa – Ontario, Canada – IN THE PROCESS OF PURCHASING A FURNISHED 2 BEDROOM PENTHOUSE - DECEMBER 2023 - (Real Estate) “Maria - We have been working really well with Anzhelika your agent, she is very patient and informative and has helped ease the fear... read more

Vacation Renters & Property Mgt

Folks if you are looking to vacation, rent, buy, or sell property in the Dominican Republic then the folks at Reliable Realty DR are the ones to go see. Once you are set up, then the other half of their business.... "Reliable Property Management" are there to manage, maintain, and... read more