Real Estate Assessment Tours

Real Estate Assessment Tours


Our popular REAL ESTATE ASSESSMENT TOURS are designed for those who are either, not quite ready, who are not familiar with the area, or those prospective purchasers who are still researching.

It is impossible to make a well thought out investment decision without evaluating the local area and the amenities offered. We believe the lifestyle is just as important as the property our clients select. During our fun, yet extensive tour, you will learn more about Punta Cana; the lifestyle, our amazing real estate opportunities, as well as numerous interesting and beneficial cultural tid-bits that typically take the average expat 4+ months to learn on their own.



  • Those who have never been here before
  • Those who have been here many times, but never ventured outside the resort
  • Those who are not quite sure if Bavaro/ Punta Cana is right for them
  • Those looking for properties on behalf of a potential buyer
  • Those who are planning to rent first and / may buy later 
  • Those who are planning to live and / or work here and need a quick and informative overview of the area, services, how to get around, introduction to other expats, and who wish to learn more about the culture and people
  • Those who are working with other agencies
  • Those who want bragging rights back at the resort or back home :-)


    We are told our tours are fun and the most informative tours our clients have ever taken, and are especially beneficial for anyone planning to purchase real estate.  And also for those planning to work or retire here, whether full-time or part-time.

    Full Day Tour

    This comprehensive real estate tour takes 6-8 hours and allows you to not only view 6-7 properties in the day, but also includes lunch at a beachside restaurant, drinks throughout the day; ending with appetizers and drinks on the beach for a final Q&A opportunity and recap.  The cost is less than a typical excursion or tour of just $75.00 per person*.

    You will be personally picked up at your resort or vacation rental at around 10:00 AM and dropped back off just before supper; around 5:00 – 6:00 PM. You will also be provided with an overview of all the properties shown so you can refer to these later.  This way you can relax during the tour and truly enjoy your day.

    Half Day Tour

    This informative real estate tour takes 3-4 hours and allows you to view up to 4 properties in the day, but also includes drinks and appetizers on the beach. The cost is less than a typical excursion or tour of just $40.00 per person*.

    Half Day Tours offer Two (2) times: Either 10 am to 2pm OR ... 1 pm to 5 pm.  You will be personally picked up at your resort or vacation rental and dropped off at the close of the tour.


    Whether you select the FULL DAY, or HALF DAY tour, you will be provided with a follow-up overview of all the property details, with the associated property link, so you can refer to this overview later, allowing you time to relax during the tour.

    Our agency makes no profit from this tour.  This is a break-even tour and is merely offered as a way to initially eliminate barriers from both sides, and instead provide you with the personal attention while sincerely listening to your expectations and dreams and comparing your goals to the reality.  This is a  “Show and Tell” tour showing our amazing properties, our white sandy beaches, the abundant and needed amenities, while introducing you to our mixed nationality culture and carefree lifestyle that Punta Cana - Bavaro areas have to offer!

    Sign Me Up!


    Great! Just send us a request via our CONTACT US page, and we’ll send you the list of available dates during your stay in Bavaro/ Punta Cana. You can pay via PayPal in advance or in person at the start of the tour.

    For those considering renting a condo through our agency purchasing, should you decide to rent short term with us while exploring properties for purchase, and you decide to purchase a property, we will reimburse 1/2 of your rental rate (maximum 2 week stay).  Valid within 6 months of your tour date.  Additionally, the full cost of this Real Estate Assessment Tour will be refunded upon close. *Discounts are offered to groups of 3 or more, Seniors 65 and over, active Military personnel and Veterans. This tour is not recommended for children under 12.  If you plan to bring a child under 12 years old, or if there will be more than 4 adults, please let us know in advance so we can best accomodate.


    Our clients have expressed that our tours are fun, informative and have been especially beneficial in eliminating concerns related to their purchase decision, helpful and sound advise for business start-ups here, understanding the requirements for legally working here, more confidence in medical services, accessability of schools, churches, while providing the true feasability of retiring full or part-time in sunny Punta Cana.

    Real Estate Tours for Serious Buyers

    If you are a serious buyer who has been here before, and/ or are narrowing down your options, we will happily provide you with this insightful tour at NO COST.  Providing more knowledge about our area the abundance of amenities needed while physically seeing our gorgeous beaches, and select properties of interest. 

    We strive to provide the best services to all our serious clients, with ongoing honesty and transparency.