Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Maria Williams
Broker/ Co-Owner/ Expat Acclimation Consultant

Real Estate License (U.S.) since 2005. Specializing in Real Estate Law, U.S., Dual Agent certification, CMA Specialist, with understanding of the market fluctuations and trends in Bavaro/ Punta Cana

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1-829-274-1637 / or WhatsApp me


Maria is originally from Michigan.  She has been a U.S. licensed Realtor since 2005.  living in Punta Cana since 2008.

Maria is in good standing with the U.S. National Association of Realtors (NAR).  She is a Member of the AEI Real Estate Association in the Dominican Republic, and the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), while maintaining a continued affiliation with Century 21 in West Michigan.

Maria holds an international marketing degree along with over 45 years combined experience in sales, marketing, customer service, project management, small business ownership and various certifications in Real Estate. 

Maria’s primary clients (both sellers and buyers) are English speaking from the United States, Canada, the U.K., and various parts of Europe. 

Maria is the proud mother of two married and successful children, with eight beautiful and talented grandchildren. She cherishes her visits to the U.S., catching up with her family and friends.

Maria enjoys travel, art, writing, photography, golf, and various water sports including swimming, boating, and scuba diving.

You may have seen Maria or Todd featured on 6 HGTV CARIBBEAN LIFE Episodes. See our Media Page



  • Featured Broker on International Real Estate Listings IREL podcast (Feb. 2014) 
  • Featured in the Canadian Winnipeg Free Press (Article; "Second Home in Paradise?  It's not a Dream."  
  • Featured in the Canadian Edmonton Journal "Make your Vacation Home in Paradise."
  • Featured in Living Abroad Magazine "Don't Worry, Be Happy"  
  • Featured in Woman’s World magazine (December 1999)
  • Numerous positive reviews on TripAdvisor and HomeAway
  • Top West Michigan Real Estate producer with Century 21 (2006-2007).

Maria has extensive Property and Project Management experience receiving various project management and customer service awards. She was a former District Manager for Pacific Intercultural Student Exchange Program (PIE), with extensive experience in tradeshow and event planning.  Maria formerly owned an Art Gallery / Art School in West Michigan. She is an Honorary Chairperson for the National Congressional Committee. 

Maria is a proud U.S Army Veteran and "Claim to Fame"

While serving in the U.S. Army as a squad leader in South Korea, Maria was selected to meet with former president Jimmy Carter in 1980. During breakfast, Maria suggested that service men and women be allowed to wear tennis shoes during extensive training instead of uncomfortable standardized military leather boots. This suggestion was implemented throughout most U.S. bases and several bases abroad and has since led to more consideration in the customization of breathable military footwear (Gortex), hence increasing military performance, and reducing painful feet and orthopedic problems.

In late 2017 Maria was involved in a serious car accident requiring 7 surgeries (internal and external injuries) combatting several near-death experiences.  She underwent painful therapy related to her new knees and reconstructive shoulder surgery. Within 14 mos. of the accident, Maria learned to walk again and has regained the use, strength and mobility of her right arm and hand. 

Maria feels so blessed to be alive, and through the Grace of God, credits many, from the amazing doctors and nurses in both the Dominican Republic, and in the U.S., her numerous family members, extended family, friends, and wonderful clients for their continued prayers and encouragement. Maria is especially grateful to her 2 grown children who cared for her during this long and painful road to recovery.  Their love, care, patience, and sacrifices will be forever cherished and never forgotten! "(Thanks Kids and Grandkids)"!

Through this experience, Maria has a new life perspective, adopting this aphorism (idiom) from her late father; "When its God's Will, There's a Way". 


Todd Alan Williams 
Co-Owner/ Property Manager/ Bookkeeper

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1-829-754-7259 / or WhatsApp me


Todd (or Alan) has lived in Punta Cana since 2008 and together with his partner Maria, they are the creators and pioneers of the short-term vacation rental concept and influencers to the vacation rental explosion in Bavaro (Punta Cana).  Reliable Property Management (RPM) is considered an industry leader in FULL SERVICE Property Management and Vacation Rental Booking Services in this rapidly growing area.

Todd has over 30 years combined property management, maintenance, and supervisory experience in the U.S. and in Punta Cana (Bavaro). Todd ensures that our Property Management and Vacation Rental Services are done with excellence, regularly exceeding the high standards of our primarily North American clients.

RPM offers the most affordable, legal, and most comprehensive Management/ Vacation Rental Services to property owners in the entire area.

Todd and his team consistently service an average of 55 exceptional properties.  Many of these property owners have been with Reliable Property Management for over 10 years.  Todd personally oversees the daily scheduling and coordination of all property maintenance and repairs, along with scheduling airport transfers, cleaning rotations, and weekly efficiency name a few. 

Additionally Todd handles all income/ expense accounting aspects with detailed statements provided for each of our valued property owners, as well as all the bookkeeping for our Full Service Agency.  He responds quickly to daily rental inquiries, with ongoing communication to property owners.  Todd and his team’s dedication, ethics and excellent reputation are evidenced throughout our growing Testimonials and Reviews.  

Under Todd's leadership, Reliable Property Management (RPM) was the first in the Bavaro/ Punta Cana area to be contacted by HomeAway (now VRBO) for the promotion of Vacation Rentals.  RPM has achieved various Trip Advisor Excellence Awards, with a "Super Host" status on Airbnb.  Not as easy when maintaining over 50 properties at any given time.  RPM has additionally been featured in The Canadian Edmonton Journal, and The Canadian Winnipeg Free Press.  See our Media page


  • Certified U.S. Repair Technician
  • Over 30 years of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing experience 
  • Experienced in swimming pool pump, plumbing and repair
  • Utilizes cost effective repair and restoration approaches
  • Uses of state-of-the-art property management/ landlord accounting software programs
  • ​Former tool and die Operations Manager with the same U.S. company for over 20 years.
  • 2018 HGTV Caribbean Life Episode Host (one of the most popular Caribbean Life episodes with ongoing re-runs).
  • Many years of experience in owning and managing his own investment income properties in Michigan

Todd is quick to respond by email while still attending to numerous ongoing emails, texts, and phone calls daily.  He is a straight shooter, and is passionate about demonstrating principalities and ethics, expecting the same from all those he works with. 

Email is preferred please.



Gregory Perez 
Property & Project Management Supervisor

24/7 Emergency contact
[email protected]

1-809-860-0040 / or Whatsapp me


Gregory is Dominican born and speaks fluent Spanish, Dutch and English. At the age of nine Gregory moved to Holland (Europa) with his mother for a better life. While in Europa, Gregory studied Philosophy and also held a part time job as a car-painter while attending college. “This education, combined with my work experiences, changed my life into becoming a more mature man,” says Gregory.

In 2006, as part of the human rights movement in the DR, Gregory worked for a public school for four years, primarily as a teacher. During that time, he amassed valuable skills while participating in many educational activities including various workshops, conferences, teamwork courses, and leadership training.

Gregory is a loving and hardworking husband and the proud father of 2 young children who reside here with him and his wife.  His primary job as as the Property Management Supervisor, assisting Todd (Property Manager and co-owner).  Gregory is the "feet on the ground" person, thus assuring various property and project management work orders are immediately attended to.  Personal hands on, “meet and greet” customer service is in high demand for our nearly 2000 annual vacationers (and property owners).  High season (Dec. - April) is especially busy for Gregory; our busiest time of year when he could be attending to ongoing maintenance needs while providing 5 or more check-in and check-outs in one single day.

Gregory's has been with Reliable Property Management since 2012.  His role as the Property Management Supervisor varies every day - from the personal and professional client check in and check out duties, attending to small repairs himself, coordinating larger repairs or renonvation requests, working with the cleaning and transportation staff and their schedules, while attending to the ongoing inventory management needs, the Owners annual inspection and maintenance reports, and prompt utility and HOA bill payments. 

Gregory immediately attends to vacation rental guests (or visiting owners).  He assists in minor repairs (i.e. Repair of A/C, televisions, hot water heaters, appliances, etc.) and helps new property owners in establishing electricity services (CEPM), cable TV, and the internet.  His ability to speak, read, and write both Spanish and English is essential for this position.

Gregory additionally assist Maria Williams as the Project Management Supervisor where he assumes the role as the vital liaison between builders and new owners who purchased new construction properties, that may not be ready for 1-2 years. Project Management additionally assumes the responsibilities of managing any repair, or renovation request over $500.00 U.S.

Once the newly constructed property is a few months from being completed, and since most of our purchasing clients do not live here full time, a 3rd party Project Manager is essential for providing unbaised evaluations, progress reporits, completion status updates, then relaying this important information to the new owners through inspection reports and photos.

Gregory assures requested upgrades are installed correctly and on a timely basis.  Once the property is completed Gregory assist the new owners in securing Electric meters; then Cable TV / internet. A newly constructed property could require 3 or more inspection before it is ready for the operational utilities to assure all electrical outlets, lighting, appliances, and electronics are fully functional. 

Many properties sold by our agency go into our Vacation Rental Program.  Therefore, combining both jobs makes sense, to assure a newly constructed, or newly renovated property is ready to quickly move into our Property Management Department.

Our owner clients (and tenants) adore Gregory, with the credit of numerous impressive reviews.  His responsibilities require him to be on call nearly 24/7 so that he can meet the various needs of our clients from around the world. However, even while balancing his work and family life, Gregory receives daily compliments for his kind, prompt, professional and calm approach in all situations.



Anzhelika Heijnemann (Gribova)

Sales Advisor, Residency Consultant

(English, Spanish, Russian, French)

[email protected]

Office: 1-809-362-7935 (Mon- Fri. 9 am - 5pm, Sat. 9am - 1pm)

Cell:  1-809-704-4749 / or WhatsApp me


Anzhelika is originally from Belarus.  After finishing her university studies and obtaining the degree in "Social Studies and Journalism", she accepted an offer to move to the Caribbean and start a career in the tourism and Hospitality Industry. Due to the traveling nature of the position, Anzhelika lived and worked in several important tourist destinations such as Cancun Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand, before finally settling down in the touristic area of Bávaro, Punta Cana where she has been living and working since 2006.

Various stages of the impressive growth and development of the East Coast have been witnessed first-hand by Anzhelika; from her memory of a relatively small fishing community with a small number of foreign visitors, to its expansive growth today, boasting as one of the main touristic places worldwide.  

Anzhelika is a Top Producer with Reliable Realty SRL, with seamless and successful real estate transactions from start to finish.  She offers years of experience in helping newcomers find their dream place to call a home in our tropical paradise. Her background in Real Estate Sales and Rentals has been a great asset to our Agency, as well as her bonus experience in Residency procurement on behalf of her / our clients. 

For several years, Anzhelika has been instrumental in organizing numerous vacation and business tours for expats to explore key points around the entire island.  Her years’ experience as a Hospitality Manager, and her ability to communicate well in English, Spanish, French and Russian, make her a great addition to our team of professionals. Her patience, attention to details, and her pleasant and welcoming personality, truly reflect the island’s beautiful, and hospitable spirit.

Whether you’re looking for fun, stress-free vacation, a winter getaway, a part-time home, or if you’re looking for a permanent home, Anzhelika's experience in the Real Estate Industry, combined with her deep knowledge of this favored Caribbean Destination have been priceless for her numerous expat clients from all over the world.


Michael James

IT, Sales Support, and Expat Advisor

(English, some Spanish)

[email protected]

Office: 1-809-362-7935 (Mon, Wed, & Fri. 9:30 am – 5:30 pm)
or WhatsApp me via the office phone


Michael came to Bavaro from the U.S. the end of 2020 after losing nearly everything during the pandemic.  His initial intention was to just "try out" different areas of the island.  However, it wasn't long before he fell in love with Bavaro and eventually decided to build a new life for himself.  He now calls Bavaro his home.  He believes Bavaro offers the perfect balance of paradise adventure, and community, while still providing access to the modern “creature comforts” he was used to having in the States.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems, with ISO 9001 and Project Management certifications, alongside several other popular IT certifications.  His IT proficiency is highly valued at Reliable Realty; whether it's troubleshooting technical glitches, maintaining property listings, supporting the creation of a new website, providing custom solutions, or even fixing random IT issues for clients.  Michael provides assurances to the team, and our valued clients in a timely manner, with the quality support needed in this fast-paced technological era.

In addition to his vast IT knowledge and experience, Michael has produced and composed music directly and through collaborations for various venues such as, film, video games, theatrical plays, TV, internet, radio, and privately for other artistsAfter his working hours, Michael enjoys socializing, singing karaoke, and going to various events within the Bavaro and Punta Cana areas, along with the Dominican and Expat locals.  Occasionally, Michael hosts private karaoke events and provides MC/DJ services for events and weddings.  He is well known by many Expats and locals alike in Bavaro and on the North Coast.

Michael directly assist Maria Williams, the Broker of Sales, providing Sales Support functions required, all while gaining more experience as a real estate consultant and future sales agent for Reliable Realty.  Recently he has been studying Spanish as a second language and has been learning quickly.  His girlfriend is originally from Venezuela, thus reinforcing his learning.  Although her native language is Spanish, she speaks, reads, and writes English very well.

Since 1997, Michael has been involved in an array of work experiences from being the Founder & CEO of multiple start-up companies, to 7 years’ in Retail Sales, along with ongoing experience as an IT Engineer/Consultant/ Analyst for various industries, like healthcare, legal, financial, real estate, property rentals, food & beverage, transportation, manufacturing; to include, non-profit organizations, and 2 religious-based foundations; A Catholic Archdiocese and an Evangelical Christian Church.

Michael was involved in the establishment of developing Expat communities on the North Coast before arriving in the Dominican Republic and carries this passion and Expat experiences into the Bavaro and Punta Cana areas.

Michael says his most valuable attributes are his faith in God.  He feels blessed in having musical and various creative talents.  Michael is very resourceful, offering great attention to detail, with a keen knowledge of software automation, hence providing sincere passion and dedication with daily consulting and assistance to others.

Michael enjoys being a part of RELIABLE REALTY TEAM and is passionate about developing true and lasting relationships with the Agencies various types of clients.  He really listens to them and cares about their specific needs, then takes it one step further by providing creative solutions in how they can achieve their real estate investment goals and dreams here in the Tropics.



Robert Abbott

Sales Agent/ Canadian Advisor

[email protected]

Office: 1-809-362-7935 

(Mon- Fri. 9 am - 5pm, Sat. 9am - 1pm)

Cell:  1-519-983-3038 / or WhatsApp me


Robert grew up in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada.  For 25 years he was the sole proprietor and Manufacturer’s Representative in the building materials supply sector, representing many North American and International Buyers & Sellers. In 2004 Robert had a growing desire to transition into a Residential Real Estate career.  He is pleased with this decision.

Robert actively holds his Ontario, Canada, Real Estate Brokerage license. He remains very involved in this role, proudly working for the same Canadian real estate brokerage.

Recently Robert decided to explore and expand his real estate career outside of Canada, settling on a location that was near and dear to his heart, here in the Dominican Republic.  Both he and his wife Jean have been fortunate to have traveled to this beautiful country many times over the years for both business and pleasure; so selecting the DR was an easy decision.

Robert and Jean have traveled coast to coast throughout Canada and the U.S.  Additionally traveling abroad to several other countries like Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Turks & Caicos, Mexico, and St. Martin.

When Robert is not working, he and his wife enjoy several of the same past-times like reading, gardening, walking and biking.

Robert spent several months researching which real estate company he could see himself working with in the DR.  As his list of eligible agencies was narrowed down, he set his focus Reliable Realty SRL, ideally located in the heart of the beach-town of El Cortecito, in the city of Bavaro, next to Punta Cana. After many phone calls and emails with the Broker, Maria Williams, Robert decided to fly down to the DR and work alongside Maria for several weeks while learning more about the market, the area, the various properties, and Reliable Realty’s ethics and business model.

The rest is history.  He knew he had found the right company.  This philosophy, as expressed on the Agencies “About us” website page really resonated with Robert.  “Here at Reliable Realty, we are committed to being the best, not the biggest".

With Roberts years of experience in real estate in Canada, along with his desire to expand his horizons abroad, we are confident Robert will be a great asset to our personable agency.  He is very excited in assisting his clients with their real estate goals and dreams within the Punta Canada area.



Dominga Montano Labasta 
Housekeeping Supervisor

1-809-362-7935 / Office (9am - 5pm - Mon. - Fri. / Saturday 9am - 1pm)

1-829-862-7871 (cell)​ or WhatsApp me

Dominga only speaks Spanish.  If English is preferred, please call the Office during office hours.


Dominga was born in the capital of Santo Domingo in the late seventies, where her mother still lives and works. For several years she has lived in the city of Veron, located approximately 20-minute drive from Bavaro.

Dominiga is happily married to Javier.  They have 1 son together whose name is Ismael.  Dominga's biological father passed away when Dominga was only 10 years old, so she is very close to her mother and siblings. She has 3 biological siblings, and 6 step siblings. 

Dominga serves as our Housekeeping Supervisor. She comes to Reliable Realty with over 35 years cleaning for various companies.  However, she now solely cleans for Reliable Realty and our clients.

Dominga understands the importance of cleanliness, organization, and décor pleasing to the eye.  She possesses the experience and trustworthy character essential to our Agency and has received many positive reviews about her thorough cleaning services.  

Dominga says, although her family does not read or write well, they are all hard-working, Dominga is no exception.  She has worked since she was a child, primarily in housekeeping, but she also continues to care for other children and the elderly when she is not cleaning/ working.

Dominga describes herself as a very responsible person, who is somewhat shy with new people.  She is motivated when others need her but does not like being taken advantage of.  However, she is very non-confrontational and prefers to keep a distance from people who do not appreciate her assistance.

Dominga Dominga loves dogs, and together with her family they care for 4 loving dogs.  She enjoys going to the movies (cinema), decorating homes, camping with her family, and going to church. She respects other people’s religions who worship the same God, even if they worship Him differently.

She really loves cooking, and the food of her country; rice, beans, various meats, fried salami, soncocho, (A Caribbean stew made with various meats and root vegetables, with fresh aromatic seasonings, and Sazón seasoning), asopau beans, sweet guandules (beans) cooked and flavored with coconut milk, etc.

NOTE:  Dishes in the Dominican Republic are a fascinating blend of its multiple cultures from African, Taino, and European cultures with influences from immigrants who settled in the DR from the Middle East, Asia, and the Mediterranean. This has led to significant contributions to the gastronomy (culinary) styles.

The most popular Dominican meal is called “La Bandera” and means “THE FLAG”.  It consists of rice, beans, meat, salad with avocado, and sometimes a side of tostones (slices of green or special sweet yellow bananas, twice fried. This popular plate is eaten most every day, and Dominican’s never tire of it.

Dominga's hard work, and going the extra mile without complaining, is an asset to Reliable Realty.  Our valued owners and their vacationing tenants appreciate the extra work and care she puts into making, and keeping the properties we manage clean and organized. We are so pleased, as excellent cleaning and strong moral character is vital to our Property Management services and reputation.