Relocation Residency Resources

Relocation Residency Resources

If you are planning to live, relocate, retire, or open a business in the Dominican Republic, RELIABLE REALTY SRL can addtionally provide these Services. 

Residency is a requirement for those planning to live here 6 or more months a year.  Most all citizens of any given Country are not in favor of illegal immigration.  The same policy needs to be respected here. Not all applicants are approved.  For Example:  You must not have a Felony; InterPol will verify this for all applications.  Those with communical /contagious / diseases will not be considered (i.e. Aids, hepititus, turbuculosis).  You must be able to prove you can support yourself financially.  The good news is, the cost of living is less here.   You don’t have to give up your home country citizenship.  Duel citezenship is common here.  Legal Residency entitles foreigners to live, work, and open businesses in the DR.

There is a 6 step process, not including the documents you need to secure through the Dominican Consulate in your Country (State or Province).  The full process can take 12-18 months.  Applicants will need to provide  Apositle (an International notary) for each document required.  You will physcially need to work with an Attorney or Residency specialist well versed in the changing Immigration laws.  If you do not speak Spanish, or know all the offices in Santo Domingo where these original and notarized documents are to be registered, you will need local and trustworthy assistance. 

Our in-house Advisor/ Residency Consultant can assist.  Working directly with you, as a liason with the Consulate in your Country and an Immigration Attorney here in the Dominican Republic. All the required documents must be legally translated in Spanish, and in your possession, prior to your "Residency Trip" here. Some new resident seekers believe they can take care of all the requirements themselves.  Then realize, even if they speak some Spanish, they were declined because a document was missing, not translated, missing the international notary seal, or they did not know which office(s) to go to.  Not all steps are handled in just one office.  There are a few offices in different locations throughout the large and busy Captial of Santo Domingo. Ultimately, the time and additional cost in errors and going to the wrong offices can almost doubled for those attempting this complicated feat on their own.

The total cost and fees (including your consulate fees) can vary by Country (State or Province).  The estimated cost, as of 2024, is approximately $3,500.00 to $4,000.00 U.S. per person.  Overall costs increased in January 2024. Temporary provincial residency certificates can be provided during the waiting period. New foreign owned businesses are welcomed here, however, they MUST BE legally incorporated and registered with the Comerece and the tax department here.  New established Businesses are actually easier and faster to establish when working directly with the English speaking Attorneys we can refer. The full Business Set Up process can take about 2-3 months with the various commercial and tax authorities required here. 

Please CONTACT US for more information,  Our valuable consulting and ethical legal professionals are a value-added benefit to our full-service agency.  There is a consulting fee, based services we provide.  Please ask for a qoute.  Discounts are provided to those who have, or plan to purchase through our agency.



Retirement Law Overview- Tax 171


ORIGIN OF FUNDS - When purchasing property in the Dominican Republic, if the funds to purchase the property will be coming to a Seller's bank account established in the Dominican Republic, there could be a delay by the DR banks while verifying the origin of your funds.  In addition to your ID's, you may be asked to provide 6 months of bank statements or other investment plan statements, showing your account balance is consistent with the amount of funds you are sending to purchase the property.  For sums over $200,000 U.S. you may also be asked to provide 2 years of your income tax filings.  You can block out your SSN and bank or investment account numbers.  As long as your name shows in the information provided, along with a contact phone number for your bank or financial institution.

Origin of Funds  anti- terrorism law 155-17


EMBASSY'S (CONSULATES) here in the Dominican Republic (links below)-

For residency, you will also need to aquire legal and notarized documents from the Dominican Consulate in your State or Province.  We can assist, as this process can be frustrating, time consuming, with unneccary costs.  Especially if you DO NOT speak, read, write Spanish.  

U.S. Embassy to the Dominican Republic

Canadian Embassy to the Dominican Republic

U.K. Embassy to the Dominican Republic