Property Management

Property Management

Reliable Property Management Services (RPM), a division of Reliable Realty SRL, offers comprehensive, affordable and FULL Property Management Services within the high demand beach-town areas of El Cortecito and Los Corales (in Bavaro).  Providing FULL IN-HOUSE SERVICES since 2008; specializing in the management, maintenance, promotion, and bookings of short-to Mid-term vacation rental bookings (3 days to 3 months).  Consistently striving in meeting and often exceeding North American expectations. 

TODD WILLIAMS, Co-Owner and Property Manager, has over 30 years Property Management experience acheived in both the U.S. and now in Bavaro-Punta Cana. Unlike some agencies that claim to provide these services, yet who actually collaborate though others, and sometimes, from afar, we personally provide these full services inhouse.

On occasion, we can provide accommodations for up to 5 months.  Please CONTACT US.

Our FULL SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES have been recognized by TripAdvisor, HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb,The Edmonton Journal, and the Winnipeg Free Press.  We continually provide personal services, with thousands of satisfied customers since 2008.  With a high percentage of repeat rental clients and ongoing bookings.

We do not over-inflate the reality of your ROI like other agencies do, simply to "make the sale".  Then because they personally don't provide property management, they abandon you shortly after the sale. The properties we manage make enough rental income to pay all the cost of ownership, while several on beach- or near beach properties produce even higher net monthly rental income.  Most all the properties we manage earn enough net income to additionally provide owners with 2-3 all expense return trips annually.  These owners are excited in knowing they own a nice landing pad located within our fun, safe and sunny beach-town areas that is always well maintained, and that pays for itself.  

It is a bad idea to leave a property vacant in this salty, humid, and tropical environment.  Most all investment properties we manage continue to appreciate in value annually.

Reliable Property Management accepts properties purchased through our agency, and/ or properties located in a beach-front condo community, or within in our "high-demand" and favored beach-towns of El Cortecito and Los Corales.  Properties located a short walk to the beach and needed amenities.  

We provide experienced and trustworthy English and Spanish speaking staff who provide professional and friendly services for our valued Homeowners, their families, friends, and vacation rental guests. 

Most real estate agencies here ONLY sell, and DO NOT provide these vital FULL SERVICES for purchasers who do not plan to live here full-time (yet). 

Reliable Property Management will consider managing and maintaining properties located in the following areas/ or communities:  

  • Any property on the beach (villa or condo)
  • Most properties in El Cortecito or Los Corales
  • Beach Residency 
  • Beach Garden I, II, or II
  • Costa Hermosa
  • CorteSea 
  • Estrella del Mar
  • Eden Caribe
  • Garden Suites
  • Grunwald I, II or III (1 or 2 bedroom)
  • Mia Hermosa
  • Palm Suites (1, 2 or 3 bedroom)
  • Pool Garden
  • Playa Turquesa
  • Rosa Hermosa
  • Santa Maria del Mar II
  • Sol Tropical
  • Stanza Mare’ (1-3 bedrooms)
  • Tropical Garden
  • Villa Palmera (villas)
  • Most condos or townhouses located in Los Corales 
  • By late 2024,we will consider select properties located in White Sands

*If your property is in the El Cortectio or Los Corales area, and you don't see it on this list, please inquire.

We Strive to...

  • Provide peace of mind to all our owner clients so they know their property is always in good hands
  • Provide full and excellent VIP services to our Owners and their guest
  • Help our owners maximize their rental income, while increasing future appreciation values
  • Maintain our positive and ethical reputation in this challenging and demanding market

Rental Management and Account Establishment Services

  • We get paid when we secure bookings
  • We personally inspect properties before, during & after tenant occupancy
  • We provide on-site check-in services, collection of rental balances, before handing over keys to tenants
  • We maintain detailed and ongoing inventory management of your furnishings, housewares, etc.
  • We provide signed rental forms, and insure electric meter readings with the tenants upon check-in
  • We provide helpful guidelines about the property, the community, and the area
  • We provide with emergency contact numbers
  • We directly handle all ongoing maintenance and repairs. 
  • We provide additional Renovation and Remodeling services
  • For larger renovation projects, we only collaborate with experienced, and responsible contractors, (i.e. electricians, plumbers, A/C's, appliance repair technicians, etc)
  • We provide personal Project Management Services for all new construction readiness that are sold through our agency.
  • We provide New Construction Inspections to assure the new properties  are indeed completed, making sure electrical and plumbing components are installed correctly
  • We provide utility TRANSFER services for new owners; or assist with the setup of NEW Utility Accounts
  • We personally assist with securing furnishings, and can shop on our clients behalf for needed home accessories.  I.e., housewares, linens, décor, etc
  • We provide staging, and professional photography
  • We provide timely bill paying services for HOA fees, utilities, insurance, and other ownership costs
  • We use "State of the Art "Property Management software and professional accounting services
  • We provide detailed "Imcome- Expense Account Statements" quarterly, or by demand
  • We include (and pay) the required rental income taxes within our Management commission fee
  • We assist in setting up easy online transfers of funds through PayPal, or bank transfers (for larger sums)
  • We maintain a "good-standing" status with 2 primarily banks in the DR, who know us well
  • We connect our new owners with the top English speaking Insurance providers, and Attorney's
  • Although very rarely needed, we assist in filing insurance claims (i.e. possible storm damage).

Services for Owner’s Rental Clients

  • We offer airport transfer services
  • We meet and greet tenants at the airport with a sign; and provide ongoing and exceptional tenant services
  • We provide 24/7 on-call tenant assistance
  • Our office is conveniently located within a short walk to most rental properties we manage
  • We maintain a welcome binders for each property, often with a welcome letter from the owners; property with the condo and community rules, Emergency nos., a detailed property inventory, a map, restaurants and service provider information, and many other valuable tips and information.
  • We coordinate and book tours and excursions for our owners and guests. We only work with licensed, insured, and reputable tour operators. 

General Property Management - For Non-Rentals 

We provide affordable GENERAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES to owners who do not wish to rent their properties, however, they still require a responsible and reliable management company to physically check on their property at least 1x per month to assure the property stays in good condition. Prices vary by size. Please inquire.

  • We air out the property to eliminate the chance of mold or insect or rodent infestation.
  • We regularly check the property’s air conditioning, appliances, plumbing, water pressure, and electrical components for proper functionality.
  • We can clean when requested or needed.  This also helps to eliminate mold, dust, and insects
  • We regularly inspected the property to safeguard against theft or damage, during periods of prolonged vacancy, before or after severe weather conditions, or in case of an international crisis.

INTERESTED?  Please Contact Todd Alan Williams, Co-Owner, Property Manager, and Bookkeeper. 

Email is preferred please.  [email protected]