Why Choose Reliable Realty

Why Choose Reliable Realty


RELIABLE REALTY SRL was established in 2008 and is considered by others as a leader in the Bavaro - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic areas. We are a legal corporation providing all the necessary services for successful real estate endeavor.  We understand that purchasing a property is just the beginning...

We stay with all our clients through the entire sales process, and way beyond.  Helping our clients attain the best return on their investment (ROI).  We are very knowledgeable about the areas we service, as well as the Dominican culture. As Americans we have learned to adapt and embrace the culture while still providing prompt and reliable services without settling for the laid-back Island norms.  Despite the cultural differences, we have developed a responsive brokerage that more closely resembles the buying, selling, and property management protocols North Americans are accustomed to.  We respond to our array of client questions in a timely manner.  Our agency’s philosophy is built on sound ethics, trustworthiness, and honesty.  With a positive reputation through the years, validated by numerous and ongoing REAL testimonials  We have healthy and established relationships with Developers, Legal firms, Collaborators, Suppliers/ Contractors, and many other professionals needed who exhibit like-kind expectations.



  • We are one of the very few full-service agencies in the entire area.  We don't just say so, then try to figure it out later.  We prove this daily, while offering years of experience.  
  • We assist in all aspects of your property purchase with a proven record of 100% closing success with title in your name.  No Lawsuits. No grievences.
  • We provide the best Legal Services - With sound sales contracts, providing the real IPI (assessed valuatiins) for the correct transfer tax amounts. We providing step-by-step communication so your purchasing decision is as stress-free as possible.  Prompt sales transactions, within 20 - 45 days.  Plus other Expat Legal services like obtaining Dominican Residency.  Business set-up's for foreigners who desire to establish a legal Dominican Corporation here, with ongoing legal and tax advice for foriegners.
  • Complete Property Management Services- specializing in the most consistent ROI's pertaining to leveraging your property as a short-term vacation rental property.  We provide VIP Owner and Rental Guest Services (i.e., Airport transfers, 24/7 on call services, bookings of excursions /tours, immediate repairs and/ or maintenance assistance.  Our office is conveniently located a short walk from nearly all the properties we manage.  
  • Complete Project Management (Property Readiness) Services – Needed For new construction, renovation, or remodeling desires:  We are the liaison between Developers/ Builders of New Construction, other contractors, and YOU… 
  • Complete Project (LAND) Development Services- Designed for Investors living abroad, who desire to develop land and require onsite assistance from start to finish.  Starting with providing the best land options specific to our clients desires.  The provide the best Engineers/ and Architect referrals during the entire project development.  Then upon completion, we assist as either the Master Brokers in selling your properties, or as your rental and property management specialists.
  • Complete Expat consulting and relocation services- With an array of other Expats connections for cultural acclimation, and/ or business referral services that all expats require. 
  • Longevity equates to experience and knowledge.  Many new Agencies have come and gone, either financially or many leave when “the going gets tough”.  All foreigners need someone who is reliable, operationally well-funded, trustworthy, transparent, and very knowledgeable about the service areas.  Over the years, we have continued to expand in our CONSULTING AND EXPAT SERVICES.  Continually “working out the bugs”.  Our Agency has survived through our most challenging growing pains.

2.  KNOWLEDGABLE REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS - With a solid and proven record of sound ethics and transparency. 

Purchasing real estate in a foreign country is nearly impossible without a grasp of Spanish AND the honest and hard-working assistance of a professional. We assist our clients with every detail, assuring a title is always achieved in their name(s), and in a timely manner.  We continue to assist our valuable clients long after their purchase.

Multilingual ServicesAlthough our primarily clients are English-speaking (Buyers, Sellers, and Investors), our agency collectively speaks, reads, and writes, English, Spanish, Dutch, French and Russian.  We additionally secure collaborators who have assisted in Italian and German.

NOTE: Real Estate Licenses are NOT required in the Dominican Republic. Meaning NOT ALL agents in the DR are knowledgeable, ethical, or transparent. Whether they are independent agents or work with other Real Estate Agencies (Brokerages).  We know our selling areas very well.  We always complete each sales transaction with minimal delays. We only work with the best legal counsel (Attorneys) who specialize in Real Estate, who keep abreast on the Dominican Real Estate Laws and tax changes, and who also speak, read, and write excellent English.

Co-Owner / and Broker Maria Williams has been a U.S. licensed Realtor since 2005.  She has lived in Bavaro/ Punta Cana since 2008.  Maria is in good standing with the U.S. National Association of Realtors (NAR) and is a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW); having received additional certifications as a Dual Agent, and is considered an expert on the Changing Market Conditions (trends) in Bavaro, Punta Cana and surrounding areas.  Maria maintains her affiliation with Century 21 in West Michigan and is a member of the AEI Real Estate Association in the Dominican Republic. 

We are Committed to “Being the Best, not the Biggest” - Finding the best agency is just as important as finding the perfect property. Just about anybody can sell real estate in Bavaro/ Punta Cana including taxicab and Uber drivers (lol).  So, Buyers Beware!  When you partner with Reliable Realty DR, you benefit from an agency who can personally assist you in all ownership aspects.  We will never claim to being the biggest, however, our repeat clients, our trusted associates, and our ongoing positive testimonials say we are the BEST!

Our Agents undergo rigorous training before the Broker refers them to our numerous prospective buying clients.  Perhaps another reason we have a spotless record in successful closings.

Reliable and Titled Listings - You can trust our listings to be legitimate and reliable because we are selective in the listings (Sellers and Properties) we represent. Unlike other agencies who do not research the titles, who many not even require a signed legal “listing agreement”, we personally know the sellers of the properties we have selected to list.  Many newbie agencies here have a small amount of resale listings.  Many "borrow" listings from other agencies, meaning they don't personally know the Sellers… Additionally, our agency only represents Reputable New Construction builders of high quality construction who have a proven track record. We secure fully signed and legitimate Listing Contracts, with proof of the seller’s identification matching the legal title. Most of the photos presented were physically taken by us, or by Professional photographers and are current photos; Meaning… they are the "real deal".

Many of our listings are EXCLUSIVE to Reliable Realty.  However, we don't feel compelled to brag about this by mentioning this fact on our website. We know our sellers well, meaning we are in a good position to work directly with our sellers in by providing a fair negotiation.  We work directly with our Attorney's throughout the sales process. We provide timely communication between all parties involved all the way to the closing and the transfer of the title into the new owner’s names.  We update our property listings status' (i.e. SOLD, PENDING SALE).  We also update price changes and photos as needed. Our personal and timely services are what make our Agency different.  We eliminate the stress or frustration in "wondering" if your offer has been accepted.  We continually update our clients (buyers and sellers) about the sale process.  Hence resulting in a higher chance of a successful sale all the way from the initial offer to achieving a clear title in your name. 

Concerned about buying New Construction?  No worries when securing a property purchase through Reliable Realty SRL, you are in good hands. About 35% of our sales are "New Construction". Our Agency only works with proven Developers who follow the required building codes set by the government, including securing the approved permits, licenses, masterplans, floorplans, factual renderings, and who provide quality construction materials.  Builders with a proven and positive history, who are well funded, and who complete their developments close to their estimated delivery dates.  If you don't see a specific New Construction Development on our website, please ask us as we do not represent all Developers. PLEASE NOTE:  New Construction prices do change based on supply-demand (inventory remaining), as well as building material cost increases.  We do our very best to update our listings often to reflect the most current prices.

We are NOT a High-Pressure Agency- To be quite honest; we are too busy to "chase leads".  We understand when are clients are "Ready, Willing and Able" to purchase/ or sell, they will select an agency they can trust and who they feel most comfortable with. We hope that your choice will be RELIABLE REALTY SRL 


  • " Cash is King " here.  Our time is dedicated to Purchasers who have the cash, not just 10 - 20% to put down.
  • This is because it’s extremely difficult for foreigners to secure bank loans here if they do not live or work here.  Bank mortgage interest rates can also be very high.  Currently between 8.5 % to 10% APR with variable rates. Even if you can qualify, the "full approval" processes to the actual funding of a loan can take 6-8 months!  It is very rare a seller will wait this long to sell their property during a healthy and vibrant real estate market.
  • It is better to secure assets in your own country via a home equity loan or free up other assets BEFORE selecting a property purchase here.
  • Banks in the U.S. will not finance a property here due to Jurisdiction reasons; should a buyer default.
  • DIRECT OWNER FINANCING could be another option. (Example 50% down, at 6.5%, for 5-6 years).  However, Direct Owner Financing is usuallyonly offered as a Seller's incentive during a Flat Market or during our low season (May-mid November). Due to challenges in international banking, owner financing is primarily only offered between North American Buyers and Sellers.
  • In today’s healthy real estate market, Builders (Developers) will only finance during the term of the estimated construction period.  This term depends on the size of the community and onsite amenities. (i.e., For 40 units or less, approximately 18 months. For 120 - 200 units, 2 years, over 250 units, around 3 years.
  • Developers will only discount the asking price for more than 25% of the initial down-payment (after the reservation deposit).  Or if buying 2 or more units from the same Builder.  Not all Developers offer discounts.
  • If you have at least 25% to put down and can pay installments during the construction period (18 mos. to maybe 2.5 years), then the purchase of a property in a New Construction Development can be a very viable option for you.  Please ask us "which" new construction developments are best for you.
  • 2024 Current Prices for condos located a walk to the beach, dining, shopping, & services: 
    • 2-bedroom condos (or apartments) priced under $125,000 U.S. are non-existent in the favored beach-town areas
    • A handful of small 1 bedrooms exist around $100,000 - $135,000 U.S.
    • If a 2 bedroom is priced under $100,000 is is most likely located a DRIVE to the beach, shopping, and dining.  Or it may not have a clear title, or it could have latent issues.  Some agencies hide these truths or may not even know the properties situation.
  • Fixer-Upper's:  Most condos in our beach-towns of El Cortecito, located a walk to the beach, were constructed AFTER 2008.  However, we are now seeing a few fixer-uppers, and/ or condos that could use some remodeling renovations starting to emerge. 
  • Reliable Realty offers PREMIUM FULL SERVICES.  Meaning, we can assist with remodeling-renovations, and other larger repairs through our Project Management Department.
  • We do not represent properties with title problems.  BUYER BEWARE!
  • Most of our Listings are Exclusive (except for new construction). 
  • Be sure your "Agency Selection" is also a top consideration.  Remember what our mom or dad used to say, "If the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is"...  This is a hot market.  Prices are going up... not down.
  • Our Agency can mediate a successful purchase, while always matching YOUR BEST INTEREST ALONGSIDE THE MARKET REALITY
  • WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR HARD WORKING AND ETHICAL TEAM, Including the legal Attorneys we trust, who since 2008, and upon the signing of the Sales Contracts, have helped our Agency achieve 100% closing success with title, with no lawsuits or grievances.


 Specializing in the best ROI in short-term vacation rentals with complete Owner and Vacation Rental Guest Services. I.e., Airport transfers, 24/7 on call services, bookings of excursions or tours, immediate repairs and maintenance assistance.  Our office is conveniently located a short walk from over 85% of the properties we manage. 


We offer a very nice portfolio of short-term vacation rentals.  We personally manage all of the properties we promote on our website. These properties are primarily located within the well-known HGTV beach-town areas of Bávaro.

5.   PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES - New construction readiness, renovations, remodeling, etc. for existing properties-

Our experiences in Punta Cana have helped us adapt to, and embrace the local Caribbean (Latin) business culture where procedures take longer ("you are not in Kansas anymore").  Local networking is extremely important and is primarily done face to face, or via WhatsApp...  We have earned the trust of Buyers and Sellers from all over the world, along with Reputable Developers, Legal Attorneys, Contractors, Suppliers, and an endless array of other Professionals.  Over several years, we have built strong and trusting relationships, while consistently maintaining a good reputation in the industry.  We all work long, and hard.  We have sacrificed much to build our full-service agency, while still learning to be professionally patient, while kindly persistent.  

6. PROJECT- LAND & CONSTRUCTION DEVELOPMENT SERVICES - Full services for Investors living abroad with a minimum of $1 million U.S, who are considering the purchase and development of land to be used for commercial or residential construction.  Reliable Realty SRL, a legal Dominican Corporation, possesses the knowledge, experience, and all the required resources, to assist from start to finish.  The BEST land selection, Legal Representation, Architects, Engineers, Electricians, Builders. Additionally, we provide Net Profit Ratio Reports before you begin and as required throughout the construction.  We provide in-house the necessary Project and Property Management Assistance, and the Property promotion, marketing, and Real Estate Sales support.

7.  ONGOING EXPAT CONSULTING AND RELOCATION ASSISTANCE - We don't abandon you once you have purchased.  We understand the importance of having ongoing trusted allies and experienced advisors here in the Dominican Republic.  Like-minded people you can count on for all your investment and/ or personal goals.  Many of our clients are repeat purchasers.  When you purchase with Reliable Realty DR, you become part of the growing community (family) of satisfied Reliable Realty Owners.  Foreigners will always have challenges in acclimating to a new culture.  Where to shop, navigational and transportation questions, other reliable services, introduction to other English, French speaking expats.  Need information about schools, churches, other safe parts of the DR they can travel to.  Reliable Realty hosts 2-4 group trips a year.  (i.e., sailing tours, bus, caravan tours).  Groups consisting of other owner clients, repeat vacationers, several expat friends, collaborators, business owners, etc. Many of our clients become our life-long friends for life.  Several owners retire here and rely on our ongoing consulting and assistance.  These expat owners along with several of our repeat vacationing guests plan trips together, so they never feel alone and always have an array of things to do together.  We are always here to assist and advise.  We are highly committed to developing these important and ongoing relationships.


Much of business comes from repeat clients, referrals, and word of mouth.

We do hope you are able to find time to browse through more details about our Agency and our "truly" Premium Services since 2008. 

If in doubt when researching, remember it helps to ponder this primary question; "How long has the agency been in operation in this specific area of the Dominican Republic?".  Anyone can say they are the best, create deceptive tag lines on their website and billboards, while inventing awards that don’t even exist here.  Some Agencies with financial backers display impressive, yet superficial websites, or may post excessive amounts of billboards; yet so many completely lack in transparency, nor show they have the ability nor desire to provide the most current and honest information you can really use.

We like "readers and researchers who do their homework".  We find these types of clients seek us out, select us, then stay loyal to us for years because of our proven sincereity, knowledge, longevity, reputation, experience, and transparency.